Our Approach

At HBRA, we view risk management on an enterprise-wide basis, which ties risk management activities to business strategies, promotes awareness, and ultimately builds risk management into everyday business operations. Establishing a clear perspective on how risks are linked throughout an organization, how they affect various processes and systems, and how they can escalate if not properly managed are critical components of sound risk management, oversight, and corporate governance because risk management is not the responsibility of a single person or team. Every individual in an organization plays a part in the creation of risk, and therefore must contribute to its management. Therefore, having an integrated, efficient, and value-driven approach are the keys to successfully defining best practices and establishing the proper standards involving:

  • risk identification;
  • evaluation and control;
  • reporting; and
  • monitoring.

The consequences of fragmented approaches, or complacency, can result in substantial liability losses, affect quality of care, negatively impact productivity, lead to lackluster performance, and even damage reputations. At HBRA, we can help prevent those consequences by assisting in the development of an integrated Enterprise Risk Management Plan.

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