OSHA Compliance Reviews

Each year, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) identifies nursing care facilities as one of their main industries to target for inspection because it consistently ranks among the highest in terms of occupational injury and illness rates, with rates of about two and a half times that of other general industries. According to their website, OSHA performed approximately 1,000 nursing home inspections during 2001. At a recent conference in Chicago (November of 2009), OSHA reported that the number of inspections in 2009 was triple that amount, indicating that their enforcement initiatives focused on almost 3,000 nursing homes.

In the wake of ongoing Congressional hearings and related investigations, OSHA has also received funding that supports a new recordkeeping enforcement initiative that was launched during the later part of 2009. This initiative calls for even more rigorous inspection protocols, as well as expansive interviews of facility personnel.

Given OSHA’s expanded enforcement initiatives, operators of nursing care facilities should evaluate whether their facilities are compliant with OSHA standards and recordkeeping requirements before an OSHA Compliance Officer walks through the front door.

At HBRA, our Risk Pros perform comprehensive on-site assessments specifically tailored towards OSHA compliance in order to assist our clients in identifying any deficiencies there may be and identify plans of correction. We provide an independent, professional evaluation by conducting extensive interviews of key facility personnel, performing a walkthrough of the site, and examining all applicable OSHA records. Upon completion of our assessment, our clients receive a report of our findings with recommendations and practical solutions for any issues identified.

We also can provide recordkeeping assistance if needed and the HBRA Network can provide training and education sessions, either through webinars or on-site, on all aspects of OSHA standards and compliance, including those areas most often cited for violation by OSHA in fiscal year 2009 such as hazard communication, respiratory control of hazardous energy (lockout/tagout), electrical safety, and fall prevention.

To find out more information about how the HBRA Network can help you ensure compliance with OSHA standards and be ready for a possible OSHA inspection, contact us.