Policy & Procedure Review and Development

The depth of knowledge and experience in the HBRA network has enabled us to assemble a library of best practices with regard to risk management and safety program policies and procedures, which allows us to offer multi-faceted solutions in the review, development, and implementation of effective internal controls for our clients. In addition, we provide periodic compliance monitoring services that enable our clients to feel confident that the programs in place at their facilities are being properly adhered to as designed. The following are some of the main areas of our focus:

  • Risk Management Programs
  • Safety Programs
  • Fall Prevention Programs
  • Disaster Preparedness Plans
  • Employee Injury/Claims Management Programs

Risk Management Programs

Effective Risk Management Programs are the backbone of a strong internal control infrastructure. At HBRA, our extensive experience and knowledge of all facets of risk management enable us to provide our clients with the protocols necessary to support a comprehensive Risk Management Program in order to enhance oversight, establish responsibility and accountability, and achieve risk standardization so as to reduce the frequency and severity of claims.

Safety Programs

Safety Programs, when combined with optimal top-down management support, can have an extremely positive impact on an organization”s total cost of risk, most particularly on workers” compensation premiums and loss costs. At HBRA, our focus with regard to safety is not only in assisting in the development of effective programs and determining adherence to established regulations, but on our clients” overall safety culture as well.

Through our Be Safe™ Program, we help organizations change their culture to one where safety is a major focus. We assist clients in stressing the importance of safety in the workplace through a variety of training and education initiatives and help them generate an overall positive environment towards safety in the workplace by developing and implementing creative employee incentive programs.

Fall Prevention Programs

From a liability perspective, safety also plays an important role in senior housing as falls directly impact the quality of life for residents. On top of the impact such an event can have on an individual, a single fall-related lawsuit could financially cripple a facility. At HBRA, we assist our clients in reducing their liability risk for falls by helping develop appropriate techniques to maintain a safer environment by:

  • Developing and implementing a comprehensive Fall Prevention Program;
  • Training frontline staff how to properly respond to and document resident falls; and
  • Providing the tools necessary to track and trend incidents.