Rent-A-Risk Pro™

Every day, healthcare operators face complex challenges and risks while doing business in the eldercare industry. At HBRA, we help operators overcome those obstacles by providing an extensive network of highly experienced Risk Pros that provide proven techniques and innvotive solutions that can mitigate exposures, reduce losses, provide for a safer environment, and positively impact efficiencies, compliance and quality of care outcomes. Moreover, as our fidelity and loyalty are only to our clients, they always receive objective, unbiased, and impartial advice regarding their liability exposures and total cost of risk.

Our Rent-A-Risk Pro™ services add substantive value by delivering an unparalleled depth of knowledge and expertise where needed, as well as augmenting any risk management programs already in place. We provide solutions that are custom tailored to client specific needs with the flexibility of engagements on either a specific project basis, as an interim solution, or full-time in assisting with all aspects of risk managment, including:

Because of our overall technical skills, knowledge, and creativity in insurance policy contract language and design, along with our extensive negotiation skills and experience in marketing, we are also very well positioned to successfully assist with insurance coverage review & analysis, insurance renewal management, and insurance procurement. Serving as the “in-house” expert, we ensure that optimal insurance coverage is always placed, any gaps are addressed, and the best negotiated premium costs are achieved. We take immense pride in our extensive history of success in saving insurance costs, which generally exceed, most times greatly, the fees that we charge.

Contact us for more information about our comprehensive suite of Rent-A-Risk Pro™ services, and learn how HBRA and our network of Risk Pros can not only help you better manage your risks, but provide a competitive advantage over others who cannot effectively manage theirs.