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Services Offerings 

HBRA's service solutions are designed for those companies that choose to outsource risk and insurance management functions. ​ 

Our programs provide owners, operators and investors in the Senior Housing Industry the ability to focus on their core competencies. 


Risk Management Consulting

Establishing a clear perspective on how risks are linked throughout an organization, how they affect various processes and systems, and how they can escalate if not properly managed. These are critical components of sound Risk Management. 


Hummingbird understands the liability exposures inherent to the skilled nursing industry. Hummingbird's passion is to assist organizations in mitigating these risks. We provide proven techniques and innovative solutions that minimize exposures and reduce losses while positively impacting efficiencies, compliance, and quality of care.

Insurance Services 

Hummingbird acts as your internal risk management department, reviewing and identifying exposures to risk and providing solutions to address each.

  • Current Insurance program assessment

  • Evaluation of detailed policy wording to determine effectiveness of coverage

  • Identification of potential uninsured or underinsured areas of risk

  • Manage the insurance renewal process

  • Evaluate outside insurance services and financial responsibility of carriers

  • Assess your contract standards to make sure you are transferring risk appropriately


While our firm does not provide legal advice, nor place insurance, we partner with our client's staff as well as external advisors, to provide recommendations for industry best practice solutions.


Compliance Support 

Hummingbird provides proven techniques and innovative solutions that minimize exposure and reduce loss while positively impacting efficiencies, compliance, and quality of care.


  • M&A Due Diligence

  • Audit & Exposure Review

  • Contract Review and Analysis

  • Comprehensive assessment of the relevant insurance programs regarding limits, coverage, potential gaps, exclusions and retentions;

  • Explore alternative risk management programs

Claims Management 

As an integral part of the liability claim management process, Hummingbird’s team analyzes real-time claim data, as compared to event data and brings recommendations and solutions to our clients that specifically address liability mitigation


  • Claims Department overall structure and process assessment.

  • Assistance with TPA selection and service

  • Arbitration agreement programs including training and continuing education for liability prevention

  • Liability claims audits

  • Customize claims management and handling procedures

  • Assist with the management of actual claims

  • Audit claims process to ensure results


HR Guidance 

Hummingbird provides objective analysis and recommendations to our clients relating to human resources providing support in the following areas:

  • HR Policy & Procedures

  • Employer Coaching & Guidance

  • Compliant Onboarding & Terminations

  • Benefit Program Oversite

Loss Control and Safety

The depth of knowledge and experience in the HBRA network has enabled us to assemble a library of best practices regarding risk management and safety program policies and procedures.  In addition, we provide periodic compliance monitoring services that enable our clients to feel confident that the programs in place at their facilities are being properly adhered to as designed. The following are some of the main areas of our focus:

  • On-site risk assessments 

  • OSHA tools and training

  • Workers Compensation services and programs

  • Proprietary web-based compliant incident reporting system

  • Involvement in QAPI committees

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